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The band saw is one of the versatile tools, which is mainly used in every wood shop. This tool can be used for cutting a wide range of materials such as wood, PVC pipes, glass and many more. A wide variety of band saws models are available in the market, which makes it difficult for you to pick the best one. It is important to pick the best model with the appropriate size for fulfilling all your woodworking needs.

Top 5 Best Band Saw Recommendation

Types of band saws

There are several types of band saws available in the industry. No matter, whatever the type is, all models have the same purpose of cutting down larger pieces of material into smaller pieces. So, let’s have a look at some of the most commonly used band saw types.

1. Meat cutting

Band saws designed for meat cutting are usually made up of stainless steel because it is easy to clean and offers maximum durability. The blades feature heat treated tips, which can cut the toughest piece of meat with ease.

2. Timber cutting

Timber band saws are commonly used in timber mills because they are capable of cutting large pieces of timber with minimal wastage. One of the major reasons behind their common use in timber mills is their small cutting size as compared to other cutting tools. Smaller the cut size is the lesser wastage will be there.

3. Head saws

These Head saws are the largest band saws available in the industry and are great for making precise cuts in a log. These band saws include silver teeth and 50-75 mm tooth space on the blade. Silver teeth are not designed for cutting, but are responsible for wiping silvers out of the path, whenever a cutting blade needs to retreat from the cut.

4. Resaws

Resaws are specifically designed for cutting timber and large sections of veneers. These models feature small kerf (also known as cut size) and 50-75 mm tooth space, which helps in cutting large sections of veneer and timber into smaller pieces with a minimum amount of wastage.

5. Metal cutting

Band saws designed for metal cutting are available in vertical as well as horizontal designs. These models comprise of brushes or bush wheels to make sure the chips do not get stuck between the blades teeth’s during metal cutting.

5 Best Band Saw Reviews

Here’s our picks for the Top 5 Band Saw in the 2016 market, to help you get the most value for your money.

1. DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Band Saw, Bare-Tool

DEWALT DCS371B Band Saw model has 2-1/2” cut capacity and is also capable of cutting SCH 40 up to 2”. The centred handle position helps in cutting accurate sharp curves because of the superior balance provided by it.

With the use of special blade adjustment and dual bearing blade guide rollers, this model ensures high performance with maximum durability. Moreover, it also ensures user comfort because of the use of soft grip handle.

It also features LED light that is helpful for making accurate cuts in dark conditions. In order to prevent damage, this model features a hang hook that can be used for hanging the band saw without damaging any part.


If you are looking for a low budget model with incredible features, then this model is the perfect choice for you. It supports some of the top rated model features and guarantees superb performance with maximum durability.

2. DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit

DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw has 5” cut capacity. This model comprises of a speed dial, which allows the user to set appropriate speeds for different materials. You can select speed from 100- 350, which allows you to precisely cut different materials.

This model is equipped with 10 amp motor, which offers maximum power for dealing with critical applications. Shroud and rubber bumpers are made up of superior quality stainless steel, which makes sure they can be safely used during the jobsite without getting damaged.

A user can also use this model in the night for cutting material because of the inclusion of LED light. For preventing any damages, a hang hook is also included, which allows the user to hang the band saw safely, without causing any damage to the blade or front panel.


DEWALT is a renowned band saw manufacturer and this model is great in terms of performance and user comfort. This model is available at an affordable price, which makes it a perfect option for the customers looking for a powerful renowned model below $300.

3. DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw (Tool Only, No Battery)

DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B Band Saw has ½ ” cut capacity, but is still capable of cutting SCH 40 pipe with ease. This model offers best balance, which results in more comfort and precise cuts.

It features blade tracking adjustment, which is responsible for increasing the life of cutting blades and providing better cutting performance. It also supports blade changing handle, which allows the user to replace the blade easily.

Hang hooks are also included in this model, which helps in preventing damages as they can be used for safely hanging the band saw. This model is ideal for plumbers, electricians and other workers who are indulged in the metal cutting process.


This model is well known for its high performance and is available at a very less price. This model does not feature any battery, but is compatible with DEWALT’s battery system, which provides 40- 45% more running time.

4. SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw

SKIL 3386-01 Band Saw is ideal for cutting large pieces of materials into small pieces. This model is essential for a wooden workshop because it can help the user to cut large pieces of wood into smaller pieces within a quick period of time.

This model features a 6 TPI blade, which allows the user to cut a wide variety of wood materials. This model also features a quick angle and height adjustments, adjustable table, dust port and LED light.

Dust port will make sure the work area is properly cleaned and the LED light will help you to keep an eye on the cutting process. You can also use the LED light for cutting wood materials in dark conditions.


This model is the perfect choice for cutting wood materials. It supports some amazing features including rip fence and miter gauge that are great for straight and cross cuts respectively. The best part about this model is its reasonable price, which makes it one of the best band saw models currently available in the industry.

5. POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw

POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw has some spectacular features, which lay downs the base for an exquisite performance. This model features blade guard adjustment for quickly replacing the cutting blades, blade tension lever, table with angle and height adjustment and much more. All these spectacular features are more than enough for a superb performance.

This model can be used for cutting down a wide variety of materials, which makes it one of the best low budget models currently available. You need to pay very less amount to buy this model, which makes it the best model less price range.


POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw is capable of cutting sown a wide variety of materials, but is mainly known for wood cutting. At such a less price, this model has a lot to offer.

Advantages of using a band saw

There are numerous benefits of using a band saw than any other tool for cutting materials. Other tools are not at all near the performance level of this popular cutting tool, which clearly states its success. Let’s have a look at some of the major benefits of using this tool:


Multiple uses

Like other cutting tools, this tool is not restricted to cutting a specific type of material. There are several models of band saw available in the industry that can be used for cutting different materials such as timber, wood and many more.



Band saws are equipped with some amazing features such as rip fence, miter gauge and many more, which helps you to make straight cuts. However, it is not so easy with other cutting tools for making straight or cross cuts because you need to extremely careful and focused.


Precise finish

The results obtained from band saws are far better than the results obtained from other tools such as chain saws. The major reason behind the massive difference between the band saws and other tools is the blades. Band saws use top quality blades with dual bearing blade guide rollers, blade tracking adjustment and many other advanced features which results in precise finish.


Less wastage

One of the major advantages of using a band saw is the reduction in wastage. Band saws usually have a smaller kerf than other tools, which results in reducing wastage. Other tools have wider blades, whereas band saws features narrow blades. Wider blades will eat much more material that narrows blades, which leads to a lot of wastage.

How to buy the best band saw?

Before you make a purchase, you must consider some important points. The points mentioned below will help you to purchase the best model within your decided budget:

Frame quality

Band saw frame is the most important feature of the tool because it is responsible for providing the prime support for the whole unit. If you purchase a cheap frame, then you will own a crappy model. So, you must check the frame quality and prefer to purchase a frame made up of welded steel, cast iron or die cast because three frames are strong as well as heavy.

Wheels weight

Internal wheels are either made up of aluminium or cast iron. Aluminum wheels are lighter as compared to cast iron wheels. It is better to purchase a model with heavy wheels because heavy wheels will keep the tool in motion for a longer period, thus providing a constant cutting experience.

Dust ports are important

It is advisable to buy a model with an inbuilt dust port to make sure the working area remains free of dust and debris. If the model selected by you does not feature dust ports, then you should additionally buy dust ports. A band saw without dust port will not be able to provide constant smooth performance because the dust and debris will affect the overall tool performance.

Quality matters the most

Quality matters the most, thus you should prefer to buy a band saw made up of superior quality materials. You must check the quality of some important components such as frame, table and wheels because if these components lack in quality, then the whole performance of the tool will be affected.


What motor size is perfect for a band saw?

  • Motor size depends on the type of band saw you are purchasing. Meat cutting band saws will require less motor size as compared to the motor size of metal cutting band saws. Generally, band saw uses a motor that runs at 1450 RPM – 3500 RPM. If your selected model is not close to the speeds mentioned above, then it is not suitable for band saw and you must look for a different model.

Inner tube tires keep on coming off from the tool?

  • This is one of the common issues faced by most of the band saw owners. The only reason behind this issue is the wrong selection of speed. Professional workers recommend that you should not run this model above 2500 feet per minute. Correct selection of speed will help to maintain a smooth surface on the outer edges of the wheel, which will make sure the inner tires do not come off from the tool.

Is it better to use hardwood or other wood material for frames?

  • It is recommended to buy a heavy frame because it will help in providing better support to the whole unit. Hardwood is strong enough to provide support to the whole unit, which makes it a good option for the frame.

What is the reason behind band saw vibration?

  • Some users have complained that their band saw vibrates during the cutting process. The only reason behind the vibration is that the wheels are not properly placed and the inner tube has an uneven thickness. So, you should first check out the wheels and make sure they are entirely round to avoid vibration.

How to use a band saw?

  • A band saw is a useful tool for cutting down large pieces of metal, meat, timber and other materials into small pieces. If you watch an experienced worker operating a band saw, then you will think that it’s too easy to use it. However, it is not the case as it looks simple to use, but requires a lot of patience and concentration for using it.
  • In order to use a band saw, you can either take the help of an experienced worker or internet. Once you have learned the technique of using this tool, you must practice it on wooden logs, before starting the cutting process for different materials. Once you are totally aware with the cutting technique, then shift to other materials.

It is not at all difficult to use a band saw, but it only requires a little practice and willingness to learn the cutting technique. Once, you have mastered the technique, then you can use this tool for resaw, making veneers, bent laminations and many more purposes.

You will find it difficult to cut complex parts with appropriate shapes and sizes. It is quite easy, but you need to be well aware with the tips mentioned below:

Set up your tool

The first step is to set up the stool properly. You need to check all the components; especially the wheels are appropriately placed. If any components are not properly fitted, then you will never be able to obtain perfect results.

Copy design on to the material

The next step is to trace the required design on to the material. If you need to cut accurate shapes without any mistake, then you should get the design printed on the material. Once the print is copied or transfer, you can easily follow the design outlines to cut accurate shapes and curves.

This is one of the useful tips for cutting down accurate shapes and designs. Moreover, another useful tip is to always cut forward. If you do not follow a path during the cutting process, then you will never be able to obtain stupendous results.

Ways to maintain your Band Saw

If you wish to avail services of a band saw for a long period of time, then you must maintain it properly. You should clean the tool after regular intervals to make sure the dust, debris and other particles do not affect the tool performance. One of the simplest methods for cleaning a band saw is mentioned below:

Remove debris

The first step is to unplug the tool and remove all the debris collected on the band saw. You can use a blower or air compressor to blow all the debris collected on the tool.

Remove rust and dirt

The next step is to remove the rust and dirt from the band saw. You should take a piece of steel and dip it in a liquid rust remover solution. Now, rub the steel piece on the table. Once you have completed the rubbing process, take a clean cloth and wipe it on the table. You should never use any solvent or cleaning solution, which might damage the tool.

Apply wax

Remove the blades from the band saw and apply a coat of wax on the table using a cloth. Now, clean the blades by repeating the same process used for removing rust and dirt from the tool.

Clean the band saw

Once you have finished cleaning the blades, you should clean the areas holding the blade such as wheels. Spray resin remover on the wheels and thoroughly clean it using a wire brush.

Tips and tricks to know when buying a Band Saw

Shop smartly

You will find similar band saws models in the industry with a huge difference in price. So, you should shop smartly by looking out for the different options and selecting the best model with a minimal amount.

Check out the wheel size

Before finalizing any model, you must check out its wheel size. If the selected model has an appropriate wheel size, then the blades will run efficiently and effectively because they will not pull out due to a small radius.

Size and portability

Many new models have been released, which have compact sizes and great portability. New models can be easily carried to different job locations because of their compact sizes and lighter weight. So, always consider the size, weight and portability of the model before buying it.

Final Conclusion

Band saws are majorly used for cutting sharp curves or irregular shapes such as cabriole legs and many more. Moreover, this tool can also be used for cutting large pieces of lumber to thinner pieces. With such multiple uses, this tool is being favoured by many woodworkers.

Undoubtedly, this tool is the best option for cutting materials or shapes. But the question arises, which model is the best out of the several models available. The answer is quite simple, the higher you pay, the better model you will get. However, there are some certain models such as POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw, which offers better features and performance at a nominal.

So, you should always explore more options before making a purchase as it will help you to buy the best models at an affordable price. Follow the buying guide and tips mentioned above for selecting the best model.