Best Band Saw Reviews– 2016 Market and Buying Guide

best-band-saw-reviewsIf you are toying with the idea of buying band saws, skimming over band saw reviews should precede physically visiting the marketplace. Industry-grade power tools work more accurately and more quickly than handheld tools. Band saws are versatile stationary power tools that are capable of cutting a wide variety of materials such as wood, galvanized steel pipes, plastics, conduit, glass, copper and PVC pipes. The application of band saws in shaping other materials is also being researched.

Top 5 Best Band Saw Recommendation

Band saws are often reviewed by industry veterans who have actually used these tools for years together. Therefore, visiting a band saw review and product overview site will definitely help you in finding all the information you need to have before buying these power tools. You can find what the best band saw is in 2016 and what the best product was in the category in the last year. You may also make use of insights from veterans who have used the equipment themselves. We bring to you ten most popular and top performing band saws for the year.

Top 10 Band Saw Reviews

Here’s our picks for the Top 10 Band Saw in the 2016 market, to help you get the most value for your money.  

#1. DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw (Tool Only, No Battery)
When searching for the best band saw in the market, the DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw (Tool Only, No Battery) is capable of giving many a run for their money. From cutting threaded dots, conduits, uni-struts and plenty of metals or wood materials, the tool is simply indispensable. Lightweight (7.7 punds) and portable, the band saw’s design helps in making accurate cuts without any difficulty at the time of use.

Amazing design

While the light design of this tool has won appreciation from many, the DEWALT DCS370B 18-Volt Cordless Band Saw can actually assist blade adjustments so as to prolong the lifespan of the belt. Most electricians, sprinkler fitters, commercial plumbers and professional contractors rely on this device for its multi-functional design that lessens exhaustion, despite using it for hours. With handles made from over-molded rubber, there lies room for extra comfort.

Praiseworthy blade system

Like most band saws, the blade tracking adjustment offers more life to it and improves blade tracking. Moreover, the blade tension is reduced owing to the tool less blade changing lever. A must mention- the dual bearing blade guide fitted to this band saw.

Majestic battery life

The device is compatible with DEWALT’s 18-volt XRP battery system and supports both Li-Ion and NiCd batteries; all of which offer a great lifespan. But only DEWALT cordless 18 volt tools must be used.

Things we like

  • The saw has its own hanger hook. Rarely seen in other band saws
  • Great ergonomics aiding in comfort and reducing hand tension
  • Portable tool that can be used in tight spaces
  • Lightweight and best for overhead cuts
  • Contains all the benefits of a cordless saw
  • Impressive and cheap battery life

Things we don't like

  • Less capacity as items measuring up to 2.5 inches can be cut
  • No room for replacement blades
  • Absence of brakes continue its run for few seconds even when it stops

#2. DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit
Among the many band saws flooding the market, the DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit is a hot seller among most carpenters, mechanics, construction workers, and  metal or woodworking specialists. As one of the most versatile and portable saw kits available, this offers greater functionalities in an affordable price range. The tool weighs 23 pounds and has dimensions of 14.2”x23.5”x7.9”, which makes it capable of handling jostling. Besides, it is so designed that workers aren’t fatigued when using the band saw.

Superior blade support system

The Portable Band Saw Kit is primarily known for its deep cut capacity. With a 5” deep cut capability of round and rectangular stocks, the large front handle that can be positioned in multiple ways, it is one of the best band saws that aids in precise and apt cuts. In fact, the blade tracking adjustment betters the alignment of the blade and wearing down of its life is thereby reduced. Such durable blade support system would have not been a possibility if the dual bearing blade guide rollers were missing.

Other features

The kit that includes a standard blade, band saw, hex wrench (for the stop guard and hanger) and case is notable for another unique feature- the powerful 10 amp motor where speed dial control ranges between 100-350SPM. Alongside, the unit contains LED light meant for lighting up the work area and easy identification of the cut line.

Things we like

  • Ease in understanding makes it ideal for beginners
  • Great multi0functional design to offer comfort when using
  • Integrated hook to hang the saw , sans damages
  • Material guide is durable helping users to adjust when handling varied jobsite materials
  • LED light is well positioned to light up the working space

Things we don't like

  • Slightly heavy
  • Factory blade in the kit is not of much use


A highly useful kit for many, the DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit is backed by 90 day money back guarantee, full 1 year service contract and 3 year limited warranty. Reading the band saw reviews before investing on the tool would help one get a better idea.

#3. DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Band Saw, Bare-Tool
A tool that guarantees uniformly impressive performance is much needed at present. The DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Band Saw, Bare-Tool is one of the top band saws known for its ergonomic soft grip back handle offering extreme flexibility and comfort. The tool is light weight (8.0 lbs) and measures about 15” in length.

Perfect cuts ensured

The tool’s 2-1/2” cut capacity helps to break down no less than 2” SCH 40 pipe. Most professionals experience difficulty at the time of cutting as fatigue sets in quickly using large equipments. But this item offers high-quality balance and its functional design with a centered handle position aids in precise cuts. Naturally, that reduces the exhaustion. Besides, the LED work light with its stupendous illumination capacity lights up the dark work surfaces that helps in making accurate cuts.

Optimum blade tracking

DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Band Saw, Bare-Tool is amazing in the sense that its integrated hang hook can be hung by users, without causing any damage to the front handle or base. The increased blade life is courtesy the blade tracking adjustment that only betters the quality of blade tracking. The dual bearing blade guide rollers set in the machine enhances the durability while its tool less changing levers reduces the blade tension. Such capacity is a rare find in most tools at present.

Things we like

  • Perfect for electricians, mechanics, plumbers and others involved in the cutting industry
  • Best used for overheads and tight places
  • Blade length of 32-7/8” aids in greater durability in the blade support system
  • Hang hook causes the saw to be hung without any damage to the base or at the front
  • LED light lightens up the dark work space
  • Soft grip handle ensures comfort and flexibility

Things we don't like

  • No provision of battery and charger


As one of the top rated band saws in the market, as evident from band saw reviews, the DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Band Saw, Bare-Tool includes CS371 20V MAX Band Saw,14/18 TPI blade and Blade tracking wrench. Together, it makes for a robust tool.

#4. Milwaukee 6238-20 AC/DC Deep Cut Portable Two-Speed Band Saw
For unmatched durability and spectacular performance without compromising on portability, Milwaukee 6238-20 AC/DC Deep Cut Portable Two-Speed Band Saw is the best bet. The motor in the device is slimmer than many others meant to deliver high-quality precise cuts in addition to profound cut visibility. The body design is perfectly balanced and users naturally find it more comfortable to use.

Technological advancement

The device ranks high in terms of reliability and performance solely because of featuring the extraordinary Job Site Armor Technology, a synthesis of several materials and crush zone barriers that offers long lasting rugged protection. Besides, the all metal drive gearing system ensures maximum tool life and extra durability. Furthermore, servicing required is lesser than a chain drive. The gear protecting clutch enhances the motor life and gear as it absorbs high impact forces, resulting mostly from blade lockups. The portable band saw with extra large cut capacity at 5”x5” and 11 amps of raw power also features CPT (Constant Power Technology) to maintain optimum speed level.

Increased cut capacity

As one of the best band saws, the device is blessed with high ranging cut visibility. Its body design facilitates in the ability to rest naturally and can be used by everybody without much hassle. At just 14.5 lbs, the light weight tool gives greater control, thereby reducing exhaustion after a hard day’s work.

Other notable mentions

As if these weren’t enough, the tool-free locking adjustable shoe meant for button actuated tool free design allow users to adjust from an increased shoe to no shoe. To guarantee longer pulley life the new debris protection system removes any rubble at the time of working.

Things we like

  • Light weight and technologically advanced
  • Highly powerful motor
  • Amazing cut capacity with slimmer motor housing for greater precision
  • LED light that illuminates the work surface
  • Balanced body design ensures comfort

Things we don't like

  • No blade included


As most band saw reviews testify, the tool is recommended for those who wish to invest a little more and lay hands on something that pays off in the long run. With astounding features and benefits, the device is a sure shot winner.

#5. Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Portable Variable Speed Band Saw with Case
The all new Milwaukee 6232-21 Deep Cut Portable Variable Speed Band Saw with Case is perfect for tackling the toughest of applications used in the construction and metal industry. Versatile, comfortable and blessed with amazing ergonomics, the tool features built-to-last properties and high-end technologies. So whether using in the field or during workshops or simple DIY projects around the home, Milwaukee’s new offering is true value for money.

Breathtaking Design

Most tools are difficult to operate and lead to quick tiredness for those operating them. Thankfully, this is not the case with this lightweight (14.5lbs) tool. The design offers greater control over the tool and tradesmen experience reduced fatigue at the end of the day.

Series of Technologies

At 11 amps, this is by far one of the best band saws to provide industry’s largest cut capacity at 5”x5”. Besides, the CPT (Constant Power Technology) ensures optimal performance after maintaining uniform speed. Another Job Site Armor technology of composite materials and crush zone barriers is what accounts for high class durability and rugged protection. Features like an all metal direct drive and a gear protecting clutch extends the tool life by several notches, which absorbs most high-impact forces resulting from blade lock-ups and makes chain drive in lesser need of servicing. Also, the Debris Protection System removes dirt and grime to deliver extended pulley life.

Special mention

The innovative tool-free locking adjustable shoe is a button actuated design and has garnered positive reviews from many. The 3-posotion tool free shoe can accomplish most cutting jobs for less downtime. So users are able to adjust from extended shoe to no shoe, in a jiffy.

Things we like

  • The device has LED light for brightening the work space
  • Lightweight design meant for lesser user fatigue and enhanced comfort, durability
  • Technological advancements make the tool an industry hit
  • Comes with a case

Things we don't like

  • Band saw blade not available with the kit
  • Difficulty in getting a perfectly straight cut


Ease in use, sturdy nature, accuracy in cuts and good fit and weight ensure that the tool lives up to its capacities. Not to forget, it comes with a 5 year warranty.

#6. SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw
To make efficient and precise cuts, the need for an equally effective cutting machine is felt. The SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw is a respite for several new woodworkers as it helps achieve stupendous results. With its rip fence and the miter guide, cross cutting or ripping is well accomplished. Besides, the presence of LED light adds to the list of benefits.

Robust performance

The SKIL Band Saw is capable of giving many other tools a tough competition for the accuracy in cuts achieved with the help of this remarkable tool is beyond imagination. Coupled with the laser cut line guide, EZ view blade tracking and LED work lights, this machine has all the properties to make it one of the best band saws available in the market. Just like the LED work light that supplies intense light at the time of working, the EZ view blade can cut through a series of wood materials. The rip fence sees to the straight and precise cuts while the miter gauge ensures proper cross cuts.

Improved blade system

The blade system is of superior quality as 6 TPI blades cuts through several types of wood materials. Aided with the 1-1/2” dust port, the work area is cleared off dust. Naturally, working professionals can complete their job on time and without much hassle. In addition to that, the rack and pinion table adjustment are meant for easy angle and height adjustments.

High on safety

Most equipments lack proper safety measures. This is not the case here. The SKIL 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw has a bump off switch to maintain or rather provide added safety.

Things we like

  • Considered as one of the topmost band saws among many on the market
  • Articulating LED light ensures proper lighting of work area
  • Straight and precise cuts guaranteed by the rip fence
  • Motor is 1-speed for wood or metal based items
  • Ensures top notch safety

Things we don't like

  • Available with a wood blade only


The SKIL  reviews are an added advantage for those who wish to avail it for their purpose. It doesn’t disappoint much, but one should make an intelligent choice.

#7. JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit
Designed to meet the present day needs of demanding woodworkers and industry professionals, the JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit is recommended by and for a large number of people. This deluxe band saw‘s capacity for cutting larger pieces of wood has helped perform the job quite easily that most other equipments falling in the same price range would not have managed to.

High performance

What makes the equipment stand out from others is long term performance. With its newly designed upper and lower cast iron frame, one can certainly expect enhanced strength and greater rigidity. The tool can actually hold up to the vibrations made with the best band saw’s 1.25 HP motor. As much as the result is steady, the job is accomplished smoothly. Talking about the speed, the 2 speed poly v belt drive system gives users the chance to choose from 2 speeds. Even the cutting capacity of 1500/3000 SFM is higher than many others.

Tremendous weight

This one is a sturdy and heavy tool. 258 pounds is not less and so do the dimensions measuring 29”x28”x77”.

#8. Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw

RIKON 10-325 14-inch Deluxe Band Saw is a cutting-edge power tool that comes handy in a number of woodworking and metalworking operations. The industry-standard automatic power tool streamlines and simplifies wood cutting and non-ferrous metal cutting.

The dual-speed band saw has a 13-inch resawing capacity and comes with a number of advanced features that enable woodworkers and metalworkers in precision cutting. With a host of blade tracking features and tension windows, the power tool is a fairly safe contrivance for precision woodworking.


Changing the blades of the RIKON 10-325 dual-speed band saw is quite easy as the hinged blade guard is there and all you have to do is change the blades through the 2inch gap. The work table that comes paired with the trunnion system that gives stability to the cast iron table. The cabinet comes with a steel door, which makes accessing the tools quite easy.


The Rikon 10-25 14-inch band saw is powered by a 1.5hp motor and comes with many useful parts such as viewing windows, dust ports, and blade tension. You can easily resaw lumber sizing, slicing veneers and a variety of materials using the dual-speed power tool.


The RIKON 10-325 14-inch Deluxe Band Saw is good for cutting hardwoods, non-ferrous materials and different types of woodworking applications. You can set the fan speed according to your need. For example, for cutting hardwoods, keeping the fan speed to 1445ft/minute is just enough.


The adjustable rip fence is as good as the quick release blades. You can adjust the blade fence for stopping blade wandering. The dust port of the RIKON band saw helps you keep your workplace clean. Priced under $1000, the RIKON 14-inch band saw can surely bring more speed and efficiency to your operations. Additionally, you can reduce errors and downtime by using the sophisticated power tool.

#9. POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw, 9-Inch: A Short Performance Analysis
Bandsaws these days are gradually becoming the go-to-power tools. From circular curves to even the irregular shapes, these devices with thin blades on a continuous loop make precise cuts, owing to their regular spaced teeth. The POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw, 9-Inch is one of the most indispensable of the lot when it comes to cutting small and medium sized panels. While it might not be the perfect fit for high-end industry applications or professional work, yet hobbyists skeptical to invest a fortune on a bandsaw can choose this over others.

Cutting power

A patented item, the bandsaw has a superb blade guard adjustment and a convenient release lever. Such properties are a rare find in most band saws at present. Besides, its ability to tilt to a position of 45 degrees aids in easy cuts. This angle facilitates cuts of 2 inches, approximately supporting up to 50 lbs.

Ease of use

Aside the tool’s rack and pinion adjustment, the tool is so designed that operating it poses no issues. Compared to several counterparts making their way in the market, this is one of the best bandsaws at present. While others need a little bit of adjustment to set things right, POWERTEC doesn’t disappoint.

Motor and noise level

Blessed with powerful one half horsepower induction motors, small size projects are completed well in advance using POWERTEC BS900 BandSaw.  Not suited to heavier workloads, this motor performs its job better than many others. Despite such power, what amazes users is its quiet operation. This is another factor that explains why worker fatigue is noticeably reduced.


Though there is no such user warranty for this product, the equipment however stands strong among the number of bandsaws in the market for certain quality features absent in others, as evident from bandsaw reviews.

#10. Jet 414458 HVBS-56M 5-by-6-Inch 1/2 HP Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw
The Jet 414458 HVBS-56M 5-by-6-Inch 1/2 HP Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw with its single-phase motor, heavy duty 14 gauge stand, large diameter wheels and built in handle has proved its might for a number of home based projects. Though industry veterans are quite optimistic about it, yet reality said, hobbyists can work better with it. In other words, it can be one of the best band saws if wanted, but as of now, a personal home improvement tool would be an apt description.

Accuracy defined

In general, small shops or little job sites with not much of work pressures are likely to benefit using JET items. This particular model has good features and can also serve as a powerful device helping with precise cuts. The ½ HP, UL motor is highly versatile and powerful, regardless of the cuts made in a horizontal or vertical manner. Moreover, the metal band saw ensures that the cut is quietly done.

Limitless power

The tool has an amazing heavy duty 14 gauge steel stand. The handle and wheel also facilitates easy movement.

From manually operated band saws to the automatic ones, from numerically configured and controlled band saws to the more sophisticated ones, the market is abounding with different varieties of band saws. Here is an elaborate band saw buying guide which might help you in buying the top rated band saw within your budget.

For making accurate cuts in wood, metals and a number of other materials, there is nothing to look beyond bandsaws. The frequency with which these machines are used at present determines exactly the type of saw to be used, in addition to factors like size of the motor, saw dimensions, depth and the throat. Most professionals including woodcutters, plumbers and the like swear by the use of these items, as much as laymen who find few models ideal to their requirements. At least, going by the bandsaw reviews, one would get some idea prior to the purchase.

Ideally, there are 2 types of bandsaws– floor-standing cabinet types and the shorter or mounted on dedicated stands or bench tops. Here’s taking a look at what the common ones:

Band Saw Types
Wheel Diameter
Power Usage
Best Suited For
Benchtop Band Saw
Wood and Metal
8-12 inches
Home and cramped industrial spaces
Stand Mounted Band Saw
Primarily wood, but can also carry out occasional metal tasks
14 inches
Small Woodworking Centers
Floor Standing Band Saw
Tough woodworking
17-24 inches
Above Medium
Professional woodworkers

1.Benchtop Bandsaw (best benchtop bandsaw)

Whether wood or metal, the name itself indicates that they are portable and just perfect when it comes to home pursuits. Usually these types of band saws are mounted on few stands or work tables. They are lightweight and the wheel size lies anywhere between 8-12 inches in diameter. Best meant for home handyman or cutting stationary objects like conduits or even light scroll cutting, the machine suffers on two grounds- limited sawing capacity as well as the work bench space.

2.Stand Mounted Bandsaw

There is a distinct aspect to this style. The 14 inch wheel diameter coupled with a cast iron frame makes it either an open or an enclosed cabinet form. This bandsaw has its motor located below the stand where the connection to the wheel is via the use of a belt. Users like those involved in small workshop or related tasks who require something versatile yet inexpensive can opt for them.

3.Floor-standing Bandsaw

In this style, the wheels usually range anywhere between 17-24 inches. Most professional woodworkers have positive bandsaw reviews to offer when it comes to floor-standing types. Their bigger and sturdier frame is what makes it preferable to use during curve work, decorative purposes for thick stock, heavy rip sawing and other jobs that stands out for consistency, stability and power.The option of choosing the most befitting one however, rests with the customer.

Factors to Consider While Buying Band Saws

You need to find the answers to the following questions before buying a band saw.

  • How often will you use the band saw ?

  • What is the desired cutting capacity ?

  • What kind of materials will you cut with the band saw ?

  • What is your budget ?

Common industrial uses of band saws

The band saw is quite commonplace in a number of industries. The power tool is extensively used in the metalworking industry for cutting conduit and galvanized pipes to preset lengths. These are also commonly used in restaurants and butcheries for cutting and slicing meat. It is used heavily by forestry industry workers for making initial cuts and shredding timber. Similarly, band saws are commonly used by woodworkers for ripping and crosscutting. However, many woodworkers prefer to use band saws for cutting curves and for intensive scrollwork. These power tools are not suitable for cutting timber inside a stock. Good-quality band saws cut flimsy shreds of veneer accurately. Rabbets and tenons can also be cut with the help of band saws.

What is your trade? What industry do you represent? What kind of materials you need to cut every day? These are some important questions to answer before buying band saws.

Know how to set up band saws before buying

One costly mistake many tradesmen commit before buying band saws is that they do not get a good grasp over the technicalities of operating band saws. It is true that good buyer reviews are educational. However, you need to know how to set up band saws before actually buying one. So, here it is.

Band saws consist of two pulleys holding a jagged steel band (commonly referred as ‘blades’). These considerably large pulleys actually allow the steel band to move in a nonstop circular motion. The position of the steel blade can be vertical or horizontal. The casing protects the pulleys, the motor and all the other internal components. If you are buying a band saw with a horizontal blade, the tool itself remains static, and the steel blade goes down for cutting the material. These blades are ideal for machine shops. However, these are not really suitable for cutting curves and intricate shapes.

On the flip side, if you are contemplating to buy a band saw with a vertical blade, you need to know that the basic operational mechanism is exactly the opposite to that of a horizontal band saw. Here, the blade remains static and the material you want to cut need to be placed right beneath the blade. These band saws are ideal for woodworkers as they need to manipulate their tools a lot to cut complex angles and shapes.

Now that you know the basic differences between horizontal band saws and vertical band saws, you would be able to pick the right band saw for your job. Isn’t it? However, you still need to read customer reviews carefully as there are many other factors to consider apart from the alignment of the steel blade.

Band saws can well be mounted on an elevated platform, such as a bench or a table. However, some models of band saws come as freestanding cabinet units. The bench or tabletop models are highly recommended for metalworkers or woodworkers who work from their homes. Taller models come with additional features and a larger frame, and with higher price tags. These portable band saws can be powered by electricity, air, hydraulic power or battery packs. These band saws can cut material sized between 4 inches and 9 inches. Smaller and lighter models that they are, these portable power tools can handle a rich variety of materials including pipe, steel, wood or plastics.

Which size should you choose?

Band saws come in a broad range of sizes. The size of a saw is generally expressed by the diameter of the two pulleys. The width of the material that you want to cut needs to be limited to the gap between the steel blade and the band saw’s frame. This gap usually is 1/4 -3/8 inches less than the size of the pulleys. Therefore, a 10-inch mechanical band saw can handle materials with width up to 9 5/8 inches and so on.

Which band saw blades are ideal for you?


Which band saw blades are ideal for you

Band saw blades come in a variety of widths and these blades depend on the curve tightness of the material that is needed to be cut. If you use a thin blade on a wrong material, you run the risk of breaking the blades. Blade width varies from 1/8 to 1 inch. Number of teeth every inch is between 5 and 15. Thinner band saw blades and finer teeth are meant for tight curves, whereas the larger ones are for slights curves and straight cutting. Always use the largest size blades for straight cutting. What material you want to cut also determines the type of saw blade to choose. Regular tooth blades are ideal for wood cutting, whereas skip tooth blades are good for cutting soft woods. On the other hand, hooked tooth blades are good hard woods. Diamond blade band saws and hardened blade saws are also available. While former is great for cutting glass, the latter is recommended for cutting metallic substances.

Your primary considerations for buying band saws

Whether you are glancing through band saw reviews or you are shopping for band saws now, you need to take into consideration a number of factors such as throat, depth of cut, motor size as well as the available accessories.

  • Throat: The throat of the band saw is basically the width of the cut. Tabletop band saws come with 12-14 inches wide throat, whereas cabinet models come with wider threat.
  • Depth of Cut: This is basically the amount of material that can be removed by one pass. This is usually determined by the distance of the table from the upper blade. Depth of cut varies from 6 inches to 36 inches.
  • Motor size: Band saws are powered by electric motors. The smaller ones come with 3/4 -1 H.P. motors and the cabinet models come with larger motors. Many band saws come with variable motor speeds, which make room for further adjustment during industrial usage. Slower motor speed is required for cutting plastic.
  • Accessories: Ripping fences and meter gauges are the most common accessories compatible with band saws. These accessories are quite useful for re-sawing, ripping and crosscutting. You should choose your accessories based on the compatibility factor.

What features to look for while reading band saw reviews or while shopping for one?

While reading reviews on band saws or while shopping for band saws, you need to look for a number of safety and convenience features, such as:

  • Does it come with a tension-controlling device? It is useful for adjusting and controlling blade tension.
  • Is there a brake on one or both of the pullets? Brakes are great for minimizing the chances of gliding after the saw stops.
  • Does it come with an inbuilt dust collection receptacle? These containers can mean more convenience for you.
  • Can you see band wheels with cleaning brushes and tires?

These are few basic features you should check before buying band saws. The band saw ideally comes with all or most of the above-mentioned features.

How to maintain band saws?

Maintenance of band saws should not be too complicated. Howbeit, it requires more care than other types of saws. Periodic cleaning is necessary to keep the band saw in full working order. It also enhances your or the operator’s safety and ensures quality cuts. Regular maintenance would reduce downtime and minimize unexpected repair costs. It merely takes 30 to 60 minutes to inspect a band saw. You can also perform maintenance tasks at regular intervals.

Keep in mind that even the band saw can start malfunctioning after a few months or years if you do not perform regular maintenance.

How to find good band saws online?

A rich variety of band saws are available on the online shopping portals. You can also shop for accessories such as steel blades, blade sharpeners, miter guides and table specifically designed for band saw operators. Buying online should be quite uncomplicated a process. However, you may see band saws for woodworking, band saws for metalworking, band saws for manufacturing and band saws for forestry in the search results, as these are the primary categories to choose from. You need to choose the right category and take a wise buying decision. In this regard, reading the reviews can be extremely helpful since these reviews contain all the useful information about band saws that you might be specifically looking for. It is also important for you to check estimated delivery date, warranty, return and refund terms and several other things before finally buying band saws on the web.

Why reading reviews might help in taking the right decision?

You can gradually get familiar with different brands and product types and you can actually learn a lot more about the technical aspects of operating a band saw by reading reviews. You may have a broad familiarity with these power tools, but the world of industrial-grade machinery is ever changing. You can keep yourself updated by reading the customer reviews on the top sites and then you can easily take a wise buying decision.

What non-technical factors to consider while buying a band saw?

Even a good band saw may not be the most suitable product for you as you need to do a price-value comparison before buying any product. You need to take into consideration the following factors before buying band saws.

Price comparison

This is the most important factor to consider. It may be that one company has packed in a lot of wonderful features in their product for a higher price whereas another company has been offering a product with the same set of features at a lower price, and quite silently. You never know. There are brands that hardly advertise themselves, whereas there are more popular brands that may offer you less value for money.


You should always ALWAYS buy products that come with manufacturer’s warranty.

 Shipping costs:

If you are ordering products from a different country than that of the manufacturer, you need to know the shipping costs first. There are many manufacturers who won’t tell you at first about their shipping costs, but you may get unpleasantly surprised when the invoice finally reaches your doorstep.

 Customer service:

You may not find much info on after-sales service in the reviews, but you can know about the after-sales service quality of a manufacturer by visiting the pertinent page on Amazon. Pour in your own comments if you are too happy or too disappointed with the customer service of a particular company.

As a final point, always try to find and buy the top rated band saw (within your budget), do not just settle for anything else. These tools are a workman’s best friend.


Purchasing a band saw is similar to making several other purchases wherein you will have to analyze a lot of factors and pit them one against the other. As already highlighted earlier, you will need to compare the prices of all bandsaw models under your range. But you must bear in mind that price comparison is not the only litmus you will use here. The performance of the bandsaw holds key too.

To judge the performance of saws you have not used yourself, you will find yourself heavily dependent on those who have already used the saw. There are several people who use band saws and publish reviews on them. Always mind the type of customer service that the company provides. As a final point, always try to find and buy a good band saw (within your budget), do not just settle for anything else. These tools are a workman’s best friend.