About us

Obtaining, managing and performing elaborate maintenance rituals are all the regular business activities of a proud saw connoisseur.

Ever since the heavy and high-precision industry started flourishing and brought with it a myriad of new changes and improvements, the innovations in the wide department of saws and cutting-related tools have been following suit, as they’ve been expanding and enabling new utilizations and even an artistic edge to these versatile tools.

The numerous waves of technological modernizations split saws into many different subdivisions, which nowadays makes this tool one of the most widely used and versatile pieces of shaping and cutting equipment, which can be found in virtually any workshop around the globe, in this form or another.

Band saws, table saws, and scroll saws are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to just how wide the range of different ways these tools are constructed.

Among other design alternations, these three main models of saw are especially discussed and analyzed in detail on our site, offering you the elaborate explanations for all you need to know about these cutting utensils.

For making a choice of your perfect saw in relation to some specific project or task at hand, there are easy-to-follow guides provided for a number of different models, which will help you decide yourself for the right tool for the job in the first try.

Regarding all the other various pieces of information related to saws, their constructions and the latest technical innovations in this field, our well-versed team of saw aficionados is there to keep track of every update and new futuristic gadgets that the versatile and ever-expanding saw market spawns.

My name is Giovanni E. Manning and welcome to my blog. If you have any questions, please contact me here.