Which is better? Band Saw vs Table Saw (COMPARISION)


Are you the type of person who likes to work with his hands? One of the first thing you should look for then is a simple saw. This may sound like a simple enough decision to make, but nothing can be further from the truth.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been overwhelmed by all the variety of saws, especially when deciding on the basics - what’s better, band saw vs table saw. Luckily, we're here to help you make the right decision.

The most basic difference is that table saws have much more power, while band saws give you a great deal more precision.

Table saws are best for cutting long strips of material, and doing it fast, while band saws give you a bit more leeway and allow you to shape the material any way you want (which is dependent on skill, of course).

Noise and shaping

Probably the most important factor in the battle – table saw vs band saw, is what kind of product do you want to make, i.e. what do you actually use these tools for? Which one wins, band saw vs table saw?

For example, the noise. While it may seem important, it really isn’t a serious factor if all you want to do is make as many cuts as possible.


If you want to make many precision, small cuts, and spend many hours in front of the saw, then the noise may drive you crazy, but if all you need is to crank out as many boards and lines of material as possible, then this will not be an issue. You simply won’t be as close, and won’t spend as much time, near the saw.

For the reason above, we need to point out that table saws are much louder than band saws.

Another very important point is the depth of the cuts. Most table saws cut straight through, while with band saws you have the advantage of changing the depth and feel of the cuts, making grooves and whatever else you need by using its adjustable blade.

You can’t make tongues or dado cuts with a table saw, while the band saw is made just for that, just another point when thinking about which is a better buy- band saw vs table saw.

Safety and materials

An interesting factor is the versatility in the materials themselves. With a band saw, you can cut wood, metal, plastic or honestly any type of material, it’s totally up to you. All you have to do is to just change the blade.

Bevelling is done differently with either, as with the band saw you have to tilt the material, while most table saws allow you to tilt the blade.

Related to materials, you need to remember that table saws have a cutting high of less than a quarter foot, while band saw can be over one foot. For this reason, cutting big objects can be dangerous (or at the very least, impractical) when using a table saw, so while looking at the band saw vs table saw fight, this is a clear point for the former.


Another point related, somewhat to the material, is the kerf (or the material removed by the blade). The kerf is a lot smaller with table saws, than it is with band saws, seeing as how the latter has thicker blades.

Safety must be on your mind right now, and, to be quite honest, it is very subjective. Band saws are quieter and you have more control over them, so they may seem safer, but, to be completely honest, both are deadly when not handled properly, and as safe as a pair of child scissors when they are.

Bearing this in mind, you should think about one thing. The band saw cuts down, instead of towards you, and so the chance of you actually getting hit by whatever it is your cutting is slim.

Table saw’s, on the other hand, cut towards you and so if anything should get stuck, you may get hit by the material. However, this is very rare and honestly totally dependent on your skills.

While we explained the main differences, we may just simplify things and get straight to it. If you want to make simple items, like chests, chairs or shelves, then the table saw is perfect for you. However, fi you prefer making small, decorative pieces and even making wood sculptures, then the band saw is the right way to go.

We also suggest, if you need more information, for you to watch this video to educate yourself a bit more about table saws:

And this one about band saws, as well as maybe checking out and googling for the best band saw reviews.


So there you have it, folks, we hope we’ve been clear. You know the difference, you know based on what you’re supposed to choose and now it’s just up to you to choose the one that suits your needs the best and for you to declare the winner in the fight where you have band saw vs table saw.

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