2017’s Best Industrial Band Saws

We all know that band saws are powerful tools designed for heavy-duty applications. Nowadays they come in a variety of sizes and with plenty of different features. All of them work on the same principle, having a pulley and a wheel which create permanent blade movement (up and down). Industrial saws are designed to cut metal, so they are different than conventional models. But, finding the best band saw isn’t an easy task and you must be prepared to invest some time into it.
Frame or a stand if you prefer is the base of a band saw. There are a few different types. Cast iron, welded steel, and die-cast. Most professionals will prefer cast iron, due to the fact the frame is heavy and strong. It won’t move under heavy load and it will last for a longer period of time. Keep in mind that if you end up with a poor-quality frame, all performances of a band saw will be compromised.
Teeth per inch or TPI is a very important factor to consider. It represents the number of teeth or tiny blades per inch of a blade. The more teeth a blade has, smoother cutting you will get. On the other hand, lower number of larger teeth will help you get job done faster. Tip: Those with larger teeth are usually used for rough purposes.

Industrial band saws use internal wheels to provide blade motion. The wheels are made either from aluminum or from cast iron. Once again, cast iron is a better alternative. It will create better inertia and it will provide blade movement for a longer period of time. There is no point in adding that they also last longer that wheels made from aluminum. Dust ports are essential for industrial band saws! 4-inch ports are ideal, simply because they can remove a large amount of dust, which is perfect for heavy-duty applications. Smaller ones, typically have 2 ¼ inch size, which is sufficient, but not great.

Important: Band saws are generally safer than table saws, despite the fact they work on similar principle. Band saws don’t cause kickback, which is common with the other types of saws we mentioned here.

1. Dake SE-712 Model Standard Duty Horizontal Band Saw

Dake SE-712 Model Standard Duty Horizontal Band Saw

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With ¾ HP and 93 inches of blade length, this band saw is a semi-professional model. It has a strong and sturdy frame, made to last and to withstand all kinds of applications you may throw at it. We will add that the width of a blade is a ¾ inch. Thanks to the 4-speed settings, the saw is fully capable of cutting different types of metals. You can cut steel, aluminum, bronze and even carbon. Each cut won’t remove more than 0.01 of an inch, from the material, so metal-wasting isn’t an option here. Interesting: The speed of the blade can be adjusted to 85, 130, 180 and 235 FPM (feet per minute). The hydraulic control system is used to feed the blade precise and extremely accurate, so you always get the best quality of cuts. The mechanism is stable and more than just durable, which is essential if you know that this band saw is designed for everyday usages. Pump for coolant is another, the advantage of the unit. It will feed the surface and the blade during the entire cutting time, so overheating is completely eliminated. We liked a small addition which prevents clogging of the coolant system.
Safety features are mandatory here. Although band saws are generally safe, the following features are more than just a useful addition. The Dake SE-712 offers low-voltage reset, which is essential for people who have problems with the power source. Overheating protection protects the electric motor. Auto-shut down feature will turn off a saw if some issue occurs. Blade guards are included as well, alongside interlocks.


  • Well-made and strong frame
    Different speeds of the blade (85, 130, 180 and 235 FPM)
    Safety features
    Overload protection feature
    Hydraulic control system


  •  Buttons and switches are made from cheap plastics
    Adjusting and replacing the blade

2. Jet HBS-916W 1-1/2 HP 16-Inch Capacity Horizontal Band Saw

Jet HBS-916W 1-1/2 HP 115-Volt/230Volt 9-Inch by 16-Inch Capacity Horizontal Band Saw

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Here we have another band saw which definitely deserves your attention. It is a premium model designed for advanced and heavy-duty applications. Some of the features you will get are extraordinary no less. For example, the coolant is distributed through blade quides. This improves cooling and maximizes the coolant usage. Basically, you can cut longer and safer. Blade is also paired with dual bearing system, for increased strength and precision. When it comes to the safety, full blade protection is ensured, regardless on position the saw is. Not only this makes the band saw safer, but also allows you to cut in different or even impossible positions. Hydraulic feed is fully adjustable as well. It will assist you with the blade feeding, making cutting even simpler and more accurate. All of this is powered by a heavy-duty electric motor, specifically designed for this saw. SFPM or cutting capacity is 82/132/170/235. You all should know that these figures are above the average. Although we liked all the feature and the motor in the band saw, the weight is above the average. It is actually 625 pounds. This definitely isn’t an issue if you are planning to use it in one place only, but if your requirements include transporting or similar, be prepared to deal with this weight. Other than that, you will get 2 years warranty, but we know that the quality is at the highest level, so the band saw will last much longer, without any malfunctions. The bottom line is that the saw in question is a great alternative compared to other models.


  •  Coolant system is superior
    Adjusting the blade and replacing it is simple and easy
    Double-bearing system
    Heavy-duty model


  •  No variable blade speed

3. Klutch Metal Cutting Band Saw

Klutch Metal Cutting Band Saw

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This is an industrial band saw which is just perfect if you are looking one on a budget. In a matter of fact, it is almost 2 times more affordable than similar models, but nevertheless, it offers all essential features and power you may need. The electric motor is 1 ½ HP, but the drive mechanism is optimized for it, so there won’t be power loss while working. In addition, the motor is a single-phase (230V) unit.
The variable speed system is another advantage of the saw and it is actually an important feature. You have at your disposal four-speed settings, 80/130/180/235 FPM. There is no point in telling you that this addition makes the entire band saw even better and more professional, despite the affordable price. Downfeed, a safety hydraulic wheel actually was borrowed from more expensive models. Originally it was designed for a band saws of the upper rank. As such, you can imagine the advantages it offers. The bottom line is that feeding the blade with a metal is simple and safe while maintaining the accuracy and precision. One of the more interesting features is the auto-off system. It actually shuts down the band saw as soon as the cut is complete. Maximizing the safety, while eliminating the drawbacks of cuts is definitely something we like and appreciate.


  •  Great value for money
    Downfeed system is superb
    Auto-shut feature once a cut is completed
    Variable blade speed


  •  Wheel pins
    Relatively small


Finding an industrial band saw which offers decent features, high-quality and it is still relatively affordable isn’t an easy task. There are many models on the market with just one or two factors we just mentioned. Getting one like that isn’t the smartest thing you can do. Luckily for you, we tested and found band saws which offer all three factors. Generally, all 3 saws here are affordable when we compare them to other models and all of them are loaded with essential features. The bottom line with this matter is that you get all you will need while still saving money for additional attachments and upgrades. When it comes to the quality and durability, something that each band saw for industrial applications must provide, these models are once again the best of the best. Each one is capable of withstanding heavy-duty usages for a long period of time. After all, there is no point in getting a band saw which promises to provide a lot, but actually, doesn’t give anything! This issue also has a negative effect on the business productivity. So, chose carefully, or get one of the models mentioned above and know that you made a right decision.
New models usually offer something better than previous versions. This is the main reason why we tested and compared only fresh and newer band saws, those which actually provide new features, new improvements, and systems in order to make a job easier. Obviously, all of this makes the end result more professional.
In a single word, all three band saws here are highly recommended, but the best one will be suitable for your, specific needs.

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