DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B Cordless Band Saw Review – 2017 Edition (UPDATED)


Given the footprint that DEWALT wields on the industrial power accessories manufacturing market, it is expectable that a product from its line will pack some punch.

While the long product line of the company boasts of most industrial power tools like cordless drills, grinders, hammers, sanders, lasers, plate jointers and compressors, DEWALT is best known for quality band saws of the likes of DWM 120K and Bare-Tool DCS370B.

The DSC370B, unlike the 120K, is a medium cut capacity saw. It is a heavy duty 18-volt band saw can register 2.5-inch neat cuts on SCH-40 pipes.


DEWALT Bare-Tool DCS370B Cordless Band Saw Features & Benefits

Ergonomics and Balance

Blade Adjustment

Job Site Effectiveness

Bare Tool

Additional Comfort

Pros and Cons


  • Since the band saw is cordless, it is a great tool for cramped spaces like lifts
  • The battery life on the DCS370B is one of the impressive feats of this bad saw. The batteries are also way cheaper than most other band saws
  • The lightweight and compatible device can be fit in a 5-gallon accommodation
  • The device is an ideal for overhead cuts
  • High on ergonomics, the tool can easily be controlled with only one hand without comprising on the quality of the resultant cuts
  • Storage issues are sorted neatly with an independent hand hook


  • The lack of brakes in the device indicates that the device blade will be in operation for at least two seconds after it is switched off
  • No additional replacement blades are provided with the device
  • Capacity is not at par with other heavy-duty band saws, deepest cuts measure not 2.5 inches.


The DCS370B may not be the most powerful band saw in the market today and neither is it meant to be. But if you are looking for a compatible band saw that is high on ergonomics and battery power, the DCS370B is the tool for you.

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