DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Kit Review


I do not know about you but I always wanted to have a great band saw that is reliable, durable, powerful as well as practical.

You are probably thinking that I am asking for too much, right? Believe me, I finally get that band saw and I am going to help you to get one like that too. Let's check out this Dewalt portable band saw!


  • The ideal mix of power and comfort
  • Benchmark-setting cutting capacity
  • Blades are easily changeable
  • Straight and quick cuts
  • Variable speeds mean the user can completely control the cut
  • No bouncing around means extremely smooth cuts
  • A pro for cutting thick stock
  • Right projection of the LED light
  • Competitive pricing


  • Being a tad heavy, it may take some time for the user to adjust
  • The factory blade shipped with the package is a little low on durability
  • Some metal parts may be exposed to erosion with time

Why Should You Use This Product?

Although there are different brands and all of them make some special features, I would like to say that DEWALT brand represents everything you would like out of your band saw.

The Portability

Needless to say that this would be the best feature of DEWALT bandsaw. I love practical, so this feature is an extraordinary to me. Since my working area has a lack of space, this band saw fits perfectly in it. You will be very happy with the fact that after finishing your work you could simply move it wherever you would like to.

The Motor

This portable band saw has 10 amp motor designed to resist tough jobs which mean that it am quite powerful. Thanks to that, it cuts quickly and accurately. Also, you could use it for cutting various materials which are a great feature, especially if you use it every day and for different projects.

The Speed

It is important that your band saw has the ability to keep up the speed when cutting tough materials like this one has. Believe me, the last thing you want is that your band saw cannot cut through tough materials without stopping.

Also is good to know that this saw is able to perform at speed between 100 SFM and 350 SFM. Besides, its changable-speed dial enables you to quickly choose the perfect speed for each material.

The Blades

You would agree with me that having durable blades is essential for efficient work, right? Well, that part I love about this DEWALT portable band saw. The blade life is increased which means that you will be able to work more before changing the blades, and that would definitely be very convenient for your wallet.

The LED Light

People find this feature very handy. It is great to have some extra light in your working area, so you do not have to worry about how you will be able to work in poorly lit areas. Also, you could adjust it the way it suits you the best.

The Comfort

It is important that you have some sort of comfort while working, especially when you are working too long so your fatigue would be minimal. This amazing DEWALT portable band saw has a multi-position handle in the front that gives you a lot of hand space and top-notch adjustability.

The Hanging Hook

Another practical part of this portable band saw. This is a great way to keep your band saw in a safe place and to make more room within your working area. So, you basically get two advantages with this handy hang hook.

The Case

It is always good when the things you buy comes with the original package because of that way you do not have to worry about where will you put that thing. This great band saw comes with a great case that you will love.

Who Should Use This Portable Band Saw

According to the best portable band saw reviews, if you work hard every day and you need to have a trusted and a portable band saw this one would be great for you.

Furthermore, if your hobby is working on some serious projects which require using tough materials then this band saw would be the perfect for you.

It provides efficiency, quality, and practicality, what do you need more?

Why You Should Buy Dewalt Portable Band Saw Online

If you are one of those people who hate going to the store and talking with all those employees that tend to cross the line between being persuasive and being polite, then buying online would be the great solution to your problem.

Moreover, I would say you are really lucky if you have the opportunity to buy online since I find it very practical and I simply love the fact that I could buy the product from the comfort of my home.

If that is the case with you then it is time to spend some money in order to work efficiently. Remember that rule, you have to give so you could get?

The Summary

I believe that it would be quite useful, to sum up, the main features of this DEWALT DWM120k. So, once again the features that people love are portability, practicality, very powerful motor, the amazing LED light, the cutting speed and the hanging hook while some of the cons would be that the blade storage should have more space.

Now you have all the details that you needed, it is the perfect time for buying this DEWALT portable band saw. I am sure that you are going to love it and that you will be eager to work with this saw every day. It is time for you to get the maximum out of your work and this band saw will help you in achieving that.



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