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Ultimate Band Saws Black Friday Deals for 2016


Black Friday is the best time of year to make large purchases. The deals on larger priced items are at a much lower price than normal. This makes it one of the most popular times to purchase items for gifts, or for yourself, that you normally wouldn’t want to pay for.Portable Table Saw RPMOur RatingDiscountDEWALT […]

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How to Set Bandsaw Tension

Bandsaws come with tension scales but experience has shown that most of their tension scales are not accurate in most cases. The most accurate means of tensioning a bandsaw blade is to use a meter that is capable of clamping onto the blade of bandsaw. Most woodworkers always find it difficult to find the accurate […]

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Bandsaw Maintenance Tips

One of the things that you should do in order to get the most from your bandsaw is to keep it in good state of repair always and you can achieve that by maintaining your bandsaw. The importance of regular maintenance of your bandsaw cannot be overemphasized. You should not limit yourself to maintaining one […]

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