Powermatic PM1500 1791500 BandSaw Review: The Once In A Century Power Tool

[img_products img_code=”61tSveRpSZL” alt=”Powermatic PM1500 1791500 BandSaw” star_class=”star-3-8″ code=”B00A86U254″ reviews=”11+”]In the 14 inch bandsaw segment, Powermatic is one company that makes bandsaws by the plenty. The company is not just an avid producer of bandsaws but is also one of the most highly rated manufacturers in the segment. And the Powermatic PM1500 1791500 might just be its masterpiece by some distance. And we are not mincing any words here. We will just take you through some of the most adorable features of this power tool and you may decide whether or not it is the best 14 inch bandsaw under the sun.

To kick off the list, some of the features you will find in the PM1500 are the ones that are only found in larger tools. Having achieved this, the tool brings the features to a standard 15” size. Just like it does every time with a new product, Powermatic seems to have pushed the limits of durability, design and features even this time. Only with the PM1500, it has happened like never before.

Features of the PM1500

It is more than a laundry list of features that come embedded in this Powermatic 14 bandsaw. But to help you understand the product better and form a better understanding of what can be exercised with the tool, we will take you through some of the most remarkable features of the PM1500.

  • The capacity of the PM1500 is easily more than any of the regular 14 inch bandsaws. This comes riding on the back of 14 inches of resaw and a 14.5 inch wide throat. This simply means you may inset wooden stock above a foot wide in the throat of this tool.
  • The rigidity that the tool provides while working is nothing less than phenomenal. There is a sturdy cast iron table that is well complemented by a trunnion assembly to watch you achieve some impossible feats in 14 inch bandsaw woodworks.
  • The accuracy and safety factors of the saw have been duly addressed by the manufacturer and as a result, the T-Square Powermatic and Accu-Fence come almost neatly clubbed with the saw. This serves a great deal to maximize the safety and accuracy quotients of the bandsaw.
  • There is also a Positive Locking pressure adjustment cam in the bandsaw that further improves ease of use on part of the user. The oversized side plate of the saw can be used in both horizontal and vertical positions depending on the convenience of the user.
  • The bandsaw has a resaw pin made out of solid steel for imparting maximum rigidity to the setup. The superior blade tension release of the saw comes loaded with an electrical interlock. This makes sure that the bandsaw does not accidentally start when tension is removed from the table.
  • The upper wheel assistance in the bandsaw is heavy-duty in the toughest of meanings of the term. This provides for better wheel support and tracking system within the device.
  • The bandsaw has great support required for any volume of resaw. This is facilitated by solid lower and upper wheels that provide any measure of momentum as long as it is desired by the user.
  • The blade guide in the tool is also very high quality. It can be adjusted without the use of any tool. This is where it is able to offer added cut accuracy to the device.
  • There is a blade guard that extends to all four sides of the device and is meant to offer optimum protection to the tool, even when it is not in use.
  • The foot brake integrated into the device may also serve the duty of a coasting blade.
  • The magnetic switch integrated in the motor makes sure there is no harm to it even during potential electric supply issues in the job site.
  • All projects are powered by the heavy duty motor with a 3 HP capacity.
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  • Direct shipping from manufacturer
  • 3 HP motor
  • Includes features of larger band saws
  • Provides much needed power and stability
  • Great tension and accuracy


  • Unconventional looks
  • A little heavy for first-timers


With the immense number and variety of pressing features and attributes, there is really little to conclude for the PM1500. It is one of those tools that is produced once or maybe twice in a century.

Giovanni Manning

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