Powermatic PM1500 1791500 BandSaw Review


In the 14 inch bandsaw segment, Powermatic is one company that makes bandsaws by the plenty. The company is not just an avid producer of bandsaws but is also one of the most highly rated manufacturers in the segment.

And the Powermatic PM1500 1791500 might just be its masterpiece by some distance. And we are not mincing any words here. We will just take you through some of the most adorable features of this power tool and you may decide whether or not it is the best 14 inch bandsaw under the sun.

To kick off the list, some of the features you will find in the PM1500 are the ones that are only found in larger tools. Having achieved this, the tool brings the features to a standard 15” size.

Just like it does every time with a new product, Powermatic seems to have pushed the limits of durability, design and features even this time. Only with the PM1500, it has happened like never before.

Features of the PM1500 and its Benefits

It is more than a laundry list of features that come embedded in this Powermatic 14 bandsaw. But to help you understand the product better and form a better understanding of what can be exercised with the tool, we will take you through some of the most remarkable features of the PM1500.

The Capacity & Rigidity

The Accuracy and Safety Factors

The Blade

Other Features

Pros and Cons


  • Direct shipping from manufacturer
  • 3 HP motor
  • Includes features of larger band saws
  • Provides much needed power and stability
  • Great tension and accuracy


  • Unconventional looks
  • A little heavy for first-timers

Image Credits: Amazon.com


With the immense number and variety of pressing features and attributes, there is really little to conclude for the PM1500. It is one of those tools that is produced once or maybe twice in a century.

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