POWERTEC BS900 9-Inch Band Saw Review – 2017 UPDATED


A bandsaw that scores high in terms of convenience and flexibility will naturally secure its own set of loyalists than several others thronging the market. Besides, a brand name contains a long history of superiority.

You would certainly wish to get your own device from a name that associates itself with reliability and quality, like POWERTEC. The 9 inch bandsaw from the brand is trending big and how. Aside marveling at its unique features, users find it cost-effective as well.

No wonder, most users prefer calling it as one of the best bandsaws for the ‘not-so-professional’ tasks. To obtain greater control on cuts and reduce chances of mistakes, the POWERTEC BS900 9-Inch Band Saw is a wiser option.

Bandsaws from POWERTEC

So what is it about POWERTEC that attracts masses galore? With the objective of developing power projects, involvement in a number of engineering and other related services, the company has set a record in the manufacturing of bandsaws.

While there are plenty in the market with varied uses, the BS900 from POWERTEC is an absolute delight for those working on small or medium sized tasks or simply using the tool to pursue his or her hobby.

Basically, a good bandsaw is known to be quite different from a regular one as that’s meant for the right applications only. Thankfully, the one from POWERTEC lives up to the company’s reputation.

Best for Beginners

For starters, there’s nothing like POWERTEC 9-Inch Band Saw. Attaining a position among the top ten portable bandsaws used worldwide is no mean feat and it has effectively achieved that.

No wonder, most specialists recommend using this tool to those who wish to get on with projects that doesn’t require extraordinary prowess.

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POWERTEC BS900 Features And Benefits

Motor and Noise

All about Blades

Throat Helping with the Cuts

Safety Considered

Pros & Cons


  • The best bet for beginners
  • Suited to small and medium sized work
  • Little noise produced
  • Better control aiding in precise cuts and lesser mistakes
  • Patented blade guard adjustment and quick release tension
  • Versatile for its tilting at 45 degrees
  • Great option for the budget conscious


  • Small motor size
  • Not for professional tasks
  • Large and heavy materials like metals are unfit for use
  • No rip fence
  • Alignment is fidgety when the saw blade is replaced


Prior to zeroing on the item, it will be a wise decision to read several bandsaw reviews and assess its use.  It comes with no such user warranty but for those who have set their eyes on a new bandsaw to be used particularly for small scale projects, this is a worthy pick.

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