Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch Review



  • Great design
  • Superior handling
  • Idealized top and lower compartments
  • Clean Dust collection
  • Sturdy cast-iron table


  • Table vibration under work
  • Slightly underpowered motor
  • Large projects non-conductable

The evolution of bandsaws as standalone tools has given manufacturers like Rikon a tad more creative liberty to toy with. The results have landed largely in favor of the company as they have come up with pieces like the 10-305 Bandsaw.

It is a given that the competitive market will be more rewarding for equipment that present a neat package of versatility and convenience. Rikon 10-305, by the prima-facie of it, packs in loads of both.

From seasoned blades for the most accurate cuts to creative and minimalistic design, Rikon seems to have scored home runs on all fronts.Counted among the best bandsaws in the market today, here is what alienates this saw from a bandwagon of others presently floating the market.

Rikon Dynamics

Rikon is the self-admittedly a maker of pro tools suited for everybody’s use. The company deals in manufacture of power tools air filtration equipment, sanders, mortisers, lathes, dust extractors, grinders, drill presses and other specialty tools. But it is in the manufacturing of band saws that the company really comes into its element.

The Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw has been rated highly in almost all bandsaw reviews. Bearing a solid steel design, many believe that the 10-305 from Rikon combines the best of 10-325 and 10-345. And if the bevy of other features in the saw is to be taken into account the band saw appears to be one of the best bandsaws in the range.

Ideal for Advanced Bandsaw Hobbyists

While the Rikon 10-305 might not be the ideal place for a beginner to start off, it has been designed for advanced hobbyists. The fence of the saw has been dismissed as farce by many of the reviewers, it has generally been owing to the tremendous cut in weight that the saw has received in comparison to its predecessors.


The Rikon 10-305 10-inch saw is probably the best design by the company. It carries a very compact form-factor. Right from a casual glance at the saw, it will be evident that Rikon has put great focus on the design of the device. Setting up the saw on the workbench is as easy as putting it back underneath the table after work.

The top compartment has a door that can be opened just by turning two knobs. You cannot help noticing the easy door swing here, which is ideal for quick blade changes. Inside the compartment, there is the wheel with metal pieces. Behind the wheel is the tension mechanism which is pretty good as well.

The lower compartment has a similar wheel that spins fairly smoothly owing to the friction free metal bearings. A small brush on top of the wheel neatly cleans off the saw-dust from the wheel. The dust collection pocket is realty well located toward the south-east of the wheel.

The dust is sucked into the dust collection system from this pocket. But the residual dust in the compartment testifies that modern saws are far from perfecting dust collection.

Motor And Sound

The Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw employs a 1/3 HP motor. The motor is ideally suited for pen blanks and bowls. However, that does not palliate performance when working on other material. The motor is located along the rear base of the device. While the motor power might look a tad less on paper, testers have certified enough power for cherry, pine and oak wood.

However, the motor does tend to lose a little bit of credibility for larger projects. But in that case, you always have the option of a bigger bandsaw that has a larger motor. The device makes the least sound in the category, mostly due to the mellowed down motor.

Large Cast Iron Table


The device comes with a large cast-iron table that is attached near the center of the table. The tabletop of the device is nice and solid when standing alone. You may easily try and put an arm’s weight to determine the strength of the table.

But it is not a very heavy top and it does vibrate slightly when cutting wood. The fence that is attached parallel to the table covers the length and can slide through half the width of the table. It moves freely and locks down tightly when set up for work. The ruler can be used to determine the distance between the fence and blade.


Unplugging the lock-out switch ensures that children do not try to power the device when you are not around. This is the singularly most effective option to see to it that the device is only used by skilled professionals. Also, since it is a largely automatic bandsaw, there are less security concerns, effectively making it one of the best bandsaws in the market today.


Overall, the Rikon 10-305 has a series of spectacular features that other bandsaw reviews have highlighted as well. If you are looking for a table top bandsaw that combines the best attributes of Rikon, you can ignore the slightly meek motor.

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