Safety When Using Bandsaws

Safety When Using BandsawsThat the use of bandsaws has increased remarkably requires no mention. Most machines are certified and come with proper guidelines before users employ the same. However, this isn’t to say that chances of getting hurt using these motors is nil. Without following certain safety precautions at the time of using the saws, you should not even think of getting started. Regardless of the Types of Bandsaws  you use or how frequently your need arises, these machines contain a thin vertical blade for precise cutting of curves, re-sawing and also making large depth cuts on thick materials.

The following are few safety rules and regulations that professionals and laymen are advised to observe when using bandsaws. Additionally, one can read the bandsaw reviews to get an idea before making the leap.

Checking the Machine Prior to Cutting

Any bandsaw will use a number of blocks and wheels so as to keep a correct position right through the cut. As per manufacturer’s recommendations, these parts are often subjected to wear and tear, which makes it more than essential that one should conduct regular checks. In case, problems arise owing to lack of maintenance, the blade may break prematurely.

Another thing that causes damage to the blade guards is placing it too high and increasing the tension unnecessarily on the blades. If the guards are kept at a certain distance from the stock, then accuracy will also be achieved.

Safety Glasses are a Must

For laymen especially, wearing safety glasses having side or face shield is of paramount importance. Often wood or material particles enter the eye or other exposed regions of the body at the time of making the cuts. In addition to these, the ears must also be considered. The best thing to do for them is to avail good hearing protection and wear when using the bandsaw.

Keeping the Hands Away

Making precise cuts with bandsaws is a skill that very few master with time. Though it is considered as one of the safest of all woodworking and metal-chopping machineries, yet it is after all a working tool that can cause considerable injury if not used correctly. Under no circumstances should one keep his or her hands close than 3 inches from the blade. Ideally, one hand should be on each side of the stock as that eases the blade tension. Keeping the hands directly in the cut line can wreak havoc on the user.

Of particular mention are the thumbs that should never be pushed towards the blades. This occurs especially when it comes to clearing small pieces at the time of the blade’s movement.

Making Safe Stock Cuts

It is better to wait until the motor acquires full speed prior to beginning with any cut. This applies for all types of bandsaws. Generally the stock should be laid flat against the table when making cuts. When a consistent-width rip or a certain angle is to be cut, then a rip fence or miter gauge can be assisted with the cut. This not only ensures meticulous cuts but safety as well.

As long as these factors are kept in mind, diminishing the risks of injuries is possible. Coupled with the bandsaw reviews, they will help one work with bandsaws in the best possible way.

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