Scroll Saw vs Band Saw (COMPARISON & ADVICE)


The fight: scroll saw vs band saw has always been quite interesting since the both types are excellent and very useful. Would you like to cut larger or smaller pieces?

Would you like to cut wood, metal, plastic or would you like to make some ornaments? The reason why you are reading this article is that we wanted to make some sort of guide for people who are not sure which saw to use.

Scroll Saw vs Band Saw: Variable Speed

Whereas the band saw cuts quickly, the scroll saw cuts slowly but in a more subtle way. So, if you would like to make some ornaments, the scroll saw would be perfect for you. If you are using the band saw, metal or aluminum should be cut at the slower speed because the heat will destroy the blade.

With both saws, you will be able to control the speed and to adjust it according to the material you want to cut.

Scroll Saw vs Band Saw: Inside and Outside


The main advantage of the scroll saw is its ability to do the pierce cutting, which means, you can cut on the inside of the workpiece. People love it because of that advantage since it is fun to make various things.

The band saw does not have that ability because you will have to cut through the object itself and that way you will destroy it.

Band Saw vs Scroll Saw : The Types of Material

The band saw is versatile, you could use it for long cuts, thick and thin material, various metals and plastics. It is great for cutting larger curves and profiles because it cuts aggressively.

The scroll saw is used for crafting, so it cuts smaller pieces in an elegant and a precise way. It can easily reach angles and make very small curves, twists, or turns leaving the surface of the object smooth.

Scroll Saw vs Band Saw: The Dust Collection

If you like to keep your workshop clean then you should be aware of the fact that the band saw tends to generate a lot of dust and the wheel blow it everywhere around the workshop, whereas the scroll saw does not create a lot of dust.


Scroll Saw vs Band Saw: The Blades

The scroll saw uses thin and short blades while the band saw uses long and continuous blades. With the band saw, the blades are adjustable, you can move them up and down and adjust them for both deep and shallow cuts. If you cut tight curves, the blade has to be narrow and if you cut long, straight cuts the blade has to be wider.

Since the scroll saw has the smaller blade, it can get to the tighter spots than the band saw. It is important to use quality blades that are durable.


In both cases, the blades can be changed easily and you should change them on a regular basis to get the maximum out of your machine.

Scroll Saw vs Band Saw: The Safety

The scroll saw is great if you would like to teach your kids how to do some crafting. What is great about the band saw, is that it has the safety button which means that if you (for any reason) open its door while it is working, the machine will turn off.

Scroll Saw vs Band Saw: The Fence

The band saw can be also used as a table saw because you can clamp the fence to the table. On the contrary, with the scroll saw you do not have that option since it is a freehand only.

Our Advice

Now that you have everything you need to know about the differences between these two saws, you have to decide which one is for you. To help you with that, we single out two fantastic products for you.

According to Dewalt portable band saw review, we would like to recommend you this amazing product. It is very useful since it has excellent features such as increased blade life, LED light and the ability to maintain speed when cutting tough materials.

If you would like to buy the trusted scroll saw, we would like to recommend you this one. You will love it since it has variable speed, LED light and a stable base that provides limited vibration.

We believe that this article was useful to you. Should you have any comments, please write them down.

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Caleb Lamond - November 26, 2016 Reply

It’s a nice post for Woodworker.

Hey Peter
I have an old WEN 3920 scroll saw and I’m Looking for a new one Scroll Saw for my Woodworking services.
Would you suggest me which is the Best Scroll Saw on the market?

    Peter Wilson - January 4, 2017 Reply

    Hi Caleb, I recommend you replace WEN 3920 to DEWALT DCS387D1. This one is an awesome Scroll Saw!

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