SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw Review


Would you like to have a band saw that is powerful, safe, practical and durable? Moreover, would you like the band saw that cuts nicely and accurately without losing its power? Well, I have just the one that I described.

If you are not sure which band saw should you use then you are at the right place? I would like to explain to you the amazing features that SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw has.

Why Should You Use This Product?

I am going to remind you, briefly, of the main features that the band saws have. They are versatile, which obviously means they can cut various materials.

They are able to cut both thick and thin material and they can make long cuts. They could be used for cutting larger pieces as well as for cutting different shapes. They are powerful and cut quickly and precisely.

Although there are various brands and they are all good, I would like to single out SKIL saws and specifically SKIL 9-inch band saw, which I have been using for a year now and I am more than satisfied with it.

Below you will find all the relevant information about this SKIL band saw that will help you in realizing what your needs are.

The Power And Versatility

This model SKIL 3386 utilizes a signature 2.5-Amp motor. It is quite powerful which means that it can cut through different types of wood and metal without losing its power which is a great feature that people find quite important. You will be amazed at how easy and quickly this SKIL band saw cuts.

Just to mention here that this band saw can cut non-ferrous metals such as Copper, Aluminum, Tin, Nickel, and Zinc. Iron and Steel are not recommended to cut.

I would like to say that I am pleasant with how it makes clean cuts on Oak and Mahogany.

The Rip Fence

Not all of the band saws come with the fence. So, that is something you should pay attention on when buying. What I love about this SKIL band saw is that it actually comes with the fence.

If you like practical, then you will love this feature since you could put away the fence when you want to and also put it back when needed.

The Miter Gauge

Another quite useful feature is that also comes with a miter gauge unlike most of the band saws.

The Weight

If you tend to move your band saw often, this SKIL band saw is the perfect choice for you. It is light and you can move it wherever you would like to.

The LED Light

To me, this feature is the favorite part of this SKIL band saw. My garage (this is for ones who do not have the luxury of having their workshop) is not the brightest one so I really need to use this LED light on a regular basis.

I can say that it is very useful and practical feature since I probably would not have done half of the work without it.

The Safety Button

All I need to say is that if you have kids this is the essential part of your band saw.

The Shapes

I wanted to single out this part since in my free time I like to play with this SKIL band saw, so I love experimenting with cutting different shapes. And I love the way it cuts shapes, it is very precise. So, you get a good looking workpiece.

The Table

The table's top part is a full-on 11-13/16-inch square, while the item's cutting depth locks in at 3-1/8-inches with a total throat depth of nine inches. The table tilts up to 45 degrees, which enables quick angle and height changes.

Dust Collection Port

If you like to keep your working area clean you will definitely love this feature.

The Sight Window

This SKIL band saw has a sight window on it which means you can view blade tracking while the saw is running without opening the cover which is quite handy.

Who Should Use This Band Saw

If you are going to do some production furniture work or to build cabinets you should probably consider buying another saw.

According to the best band saw reviews, this SKIL 9 inch band saw is an excellent choice if you like to make things for your home, garden or backyard and to make small projects without spending too much money on buying your band saw.

Why You Should Buy It Online

In my opinion, buying online is very practical and convenient. It is always my first choice. I do not have to bother with going to the store and spending two hours on it while every single employee is trying to persuade me why should I buy this product rather than the other one.

Sometimes that is really exhausting to me. So, you do not have to waste your time anymore.

It is time to enjoy working with your band saw and do not wait any longer to experience the amazing features that this SKIL bandsaw has.

The Summary

To sum up, this SKIL band saw really has amazing features such as the powerful motor, the LED light, the miter gauge, the rip fence, the ability to cut in a precise way and the ability to cut various materials while one of the features that are not so amazing would be that this band saw comes with the wood cutting blade only, so if want to cut metal you need to buy a separate blade.

Now you know everything that you should know before buying this fascinating SKIL Band Saw 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch. I would say that you will be satisfied with this band saw since it really has everything you will need and even more.

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