What is the Standard Outlet Height?


When working with home repairs, improvements, building, and construction, there is an important part you must factor in, and that is the ADA outlet height.

The standard outlet height for any room and any space is an important consideration when place potential walls, equipment, and electricity and plumbing wires and pipes.

The ADA outlet heights are different for each area and must be in a specific location to pass inspections. Make sure to be careful when working with power tools and around electrical wiring. Always wear protection.

Standard Outlet Height

Bathroom Outlet Height

Wall Outlet Height

Outlet Height from Floor

Kitchen Outlet Height

Countertop Outlet Height

Outlet Height Above Counter

Refrigerator Outlet Height

Dryer Outlet Height

Garage Outlet Height

Basement Outlet Height

Outlet Codes For ADA

Most ADA outlet heights are standard and will continue to be until more disabilities limit the mobility and distance covered to use outlets safely. The ADA tries to work with the NEC to allow for better access to all Americans living in their homes.

The ADA wants to protect people with disabilities and provide safe living standards when it comes to outlet heights and safety.

Making Outlets


Making Outlets

Make sure to follow the standards set by the ADA and NEC when creating a new outlet. Use the correct tools and protective gear to ensure you and your families safety.

It is important to know the standard heights of outlets when no guidelines are set, but more important to make sure that you follow the ADA and NEC guidelines to pass inspections. If you are ever in doubt, you should contact an electrician or inspector for help.

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