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Top 5 Best 14″ Bandsaw Reviews (2017 UPDATED)


Not all bandsaws demand equal admiration. Here are some of the 14 inch saws that could contend for the spot of the best 14 inch bandsaw.

Best 14 Band Saw Reviews Table

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Top 5 Best 14 Bandsaw Reviews

The 14 inch bandsaw JET JWBS-14DXPRO by Jet has been highly rated among all 14 inch bandsaw reviews. The tool’s claim to fame starts with the built-in 12 inch resaw capacity. This makes it the perfect weapon to be used on larger pieces of wood.

The 2-speed ploy-v drive belt system makes it one of the most coveted jet 14 bandsaw in the market today. The bandsaw has almost all the ingredients required to make it a successful portable bandsaw.

The superior rigidity and strength of the bandsaw comes from the freshly built lower and upper cast iron frames.

The blade tracking window in the JWBS-14DXPRO is one of the easiest to view and there is little that is left undone by the company at least in this department. The integrated blade guide post in the bandsaw has both pinion and rack adjustment, making it one of the most successful tools in the category.

The Rikon 10-325 14-Inch Deluxe Band Saw comes from the house of Rikon, one of the few houses that are known to have a huge footprint on the power tools market.

While the features of the 10-325 might not qualify it straight away as the best 14 inch bandsaw, it definitely has the fire in its belly to be within striking distance.

The first attribute of the saw that would grab your attention right at the onset is the quick-release blade tension of the bandsaw.

This makes sure that the blades are always firmly placed against the stock of metal or wood. The saw is fully capable of working at two different speeds of 1445 ft/min and 2950 ft/min.

There is a hinged blade guard in the saw with a sight window that ensures visibility for the user. The work table looks plush and is adequately large at 16x21x0.5 inches. There is also an integrated 4-inch dust port inside the compartment that does a terrific job at stocking up the dirt and keeping the saw clean.

The Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 comes as a surprise entry in the top 5 14 inch bandsaws owing to its unconventional appearance and stacked feature-list.

It begins with a 13/4 HP motor that works at a TEFC of 60 Hz. The voltage is an impressive 115V and the Amperage of the tool stands tall at 14/7.

Also included is a 6 ft cord with a nema 5-15 plug so that you may install the tool a fair distance away from the power source.

The tool is CSA certified with a direct one-touch on-off switch embedded with a safety key. There is also a light outlet of 115V that is pre-wired in the device.

The steel frame construction of the tool along with the pyramid spine makes it one of the best in the class. And we are not even discussing the cast iron wheels that actually make this 14 inch bandsaw ready to move wherever you would like to take it to.

The grizzly 14 bandsaw Grizzly G0555 The Ultimate Bandsaw is a tool that you would definitely not give a miss if you are one among those woodworkers hungry for work.

The unconventional table placed tool like appearance of the bandsaw can fool many owing to its looks, but the heavy duty stand of the saw actually renders the necessary support tit h saw when it takes on high tensile projects.

The saw comes with the conventional upper and lower guides with ball bearings that make the saw even more powerful when it comes to getting things done perfectly.

The constriction of the inside of the tool is an all-ball-bearing model that has proven to be the best when it comes to power tools.

Included in the device is a 3/8 inches blade that is capable of biting through almost any metallic or wooden surface. The saw also comes inclusive of miter gauge and fence.

The Powermatic 1791216K is not akin some of the regular powermatic 14 bandsaws that you will find around in the market. This bandsaw makes it to the top 5 14 inches band saw in almost all the best 14 inch bandsaw reviews.

Coming to the credentials of the tool, it all starts too well with a 14 inch saw that air clear pump chips integrated by the manufacturer.

The motor of the 1791216K is fully enclosed, making sure that almost no other bandsaw in the realm matches the kind of strength that this bandsaw has. The motor is a 1.5HP mini giant that can dip up to 45 degrees to the right and about some 10 degrees to the left.

For greater durability, the company has opted to go for solid steel construction of cast iron. There is also an inbuilt halogen lamp in the bandsaw that facilitates better job site lighting even in low-lit areas.

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