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Top 5 Best Benchtop Bandsaw Reviews (2017 UPDATED)


All houses and small wood shops must have a decent bandsaw that is capable of making neat cuts without eating too much on power. While versatility could alone qualify as reason to stock a benchtop bandsaw in the house, the power saving and space minimizing options just cannot be ignored as well.

Common uses of the bandsaw include sawing lumber, ripping lumber and making precision cuts and curves. Most modern bandsaws exhibit the ability to cut through thick curves and diverse materials without losing accuracy.

Top 5 Best Benchtop Bandsaw

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Modern manufacturers have rolled in numerous benchtop band saws at affordable prices. Here are short reviews on five of the most popular benchtop bandsaws available on the market.

The DEWALT DCS370B comes across to be one of the top contenders in the race for the top rated benchtop bandsaw.

It comes across to be a portable and inexpensive bandsaw.

The bandsaw has been found to be quite dependable owing to attributes like the 18-volt battery, extreme light weight and slim profile.

As a vertical benchtop bandsaw, the JET 414459 HVBS-7MW has swivel vise, good capacity and a 115-volt, 3/4 HP motor.

The bandsaw has a reputation for getting work done properly and precisely.

The coolant system and auto power cut of the device facilitate greater safety and control for the user.

A portable kit bandsaw, the DEWALT DWM 120K comes with a powerful 10 amp motor. It delivers a best-in-class cut capacity of 5 inches for round or rectangular stock.

The new LED light integrated into the saw facilitates work in dark jobsites.

The saw can also deal with a range of different material, easily making it the best becnhtop bandsaw in class.

For those looking for a conveniently priced yet versatile benchtop bandsaw, the POWERTEC BS900 could be the ideal choice.

The 9-inch deep bandsaw is ideally suited for small projects that involve cutting light material.

The cutting-depth for this bandsaw ranges ranges between 3 and 5 inches, which should be enough for most household purposes.

To make efficient and precise cuts, the need for an equally effective cutting machine is felt. The SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw is a respite for several new woodworkers as it helps achieve stupendous results.

With its rip fence and the miter guide, cross cutting or ripping is well accomplished. Besides, the presence of LED light adds to the list of benefits.

Factors To Consider Before Purchasing Benchtop Bandsaws

It is imperative that once you buy a band saw for your home, you will use it for at least a year without wanting to switch to another saw. This tells why it is important to buy the correct band saw for your requirements.

It is safe to have a thorough understanding about the various factors that govern the selection of band saws. Here below are the most prominent factors you will have to consider.

1. Blades

In benchtop bandsaw models, different blades are implemented to create different cuts and designs. Some band saw models have grooved teeth at the end where the blade meets materials. The need for blades with teeth is often determined by need.

Different blades have different widths. The jigsaw blades are straight, short and remain attached on pins. There are different configurations for jigsaw blades. Since different tooth sizes make different cuts, you should choose blades in alignment with the type of cuts you seek.


2. Blade Guards

While the blades understandably play a major role in the selection criteria of band saws, blade guards are equally important, albeit for a different purpose. These are responsible to ensure the safety of the user.

High quality blade guards will unfailingly ensure that there is no physical contact between the user and the blade of the benchtop bandsaw. Similarly, guards that lack quality can cause terrible accidents.

3. Motor

The motor is solely responsible for providing the required power to the blade. That itself explains the significance of the motor. The saw is powered through the motor. The motor capacity varies in different saws.

The best benchtop bandsaw can have up to 10 amp of power, while most average saws generate power in the range of 5-7 amp. The motors in benchtop saws are quite small in size.

4. Accuracy

The spirit of the benchtop band saws and to some extent their efficacy depends on the precision of cuts they can make. In this respect, you will have to first decide on whether you wish to employ the saw on metal or wood.

Since there will be forced and repetitive cuts, it will take more time to determine the accuracy of cuts. A maximum precision benchtop saw is the best bet for immaculate cuts.

5. Durability

It is not possible to determine the durability of a saw or any other product before using it. But knowing about the durability of benchtop bandsaws now is easier than ever thanks to the internet.

You can read reviews of other users who have already used the bandsaw for a year or two and are in better shape to comment about it.

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